Fusion Technology
About Fusion Technology

Fusion Consulting is a global consultancy specializing in the fusion of multimedia applications into a common data transport and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Specialist services and advice are provided to Carriers, Service Providers, Hardware vendors and Enterprise clients.

Let us Combine the Possibilitites of Innovation, Experience and Knowledge for you.
About Fusion Technology

Fusion Consulting was established in 1996 to provide services to the Telco industry and enterprise customers in New Zealand and Australia as the Internet, Call Centre and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) markets emerged.

In 1998 the Company expanded to the United States, United Kingdom and Europe where a number of diverse projects have been undertaken. Some of these projects are profiles in clients.

Unlike most Telecommunications Consultants, Fusion is totally independent. We are a division of or resellers for any IT solutions company, carrier, Telco, investment broker or hardware vendor. We do not receive commissions, referral fees or any other incentives from third parties. As such we act in the best interests our clients and ensure they are delivered the best and most cost effective solutions on time based on our advice and services.

Our global team and contract specialists are ready to assist you achieve your goals and reduce the risk of costly decisions. Contact us in confidence to lean how we can assist with the assurance that all data will remain confidential and your privacy assured with no risk of conflict of interest.