Fusion Technology
About Fusion Technology

Fusion Consulting is a global consultancy specializing in the fusion of multimedia applications into a common data transport and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).


Fusion has a client base stretching from Moscow and London to New Zealand and Australia. Client project work has been undertaken in -
· Australia
· Bosnia
· Brazil
· Cameroon
· Ecuador
· Egypt
· England
· Ethiopia
· France
· India
· Indonesia
· Lebanon
· Mali
· Morocco
· New Zealand
· Nigeria
· Romania
· Russia
· Senegal
· United States

Below are a few examples and case studies of projects undertaken.

Ludvik Capital Inc
Virginia, USA

This client invests in start up and established technology companies. Each week they receive a number of business plans and investment proposals. When short listed, Fusion undertakes a detailed due diligence process including the industry and competitors. We also visit the head offices, review documents and audit accounts, stated assets, patents and other intellectual property. Fusion then provides a detailed report containing risk assessment, valuation, achievability of forecasts, opportunities and recommendations.

Golden Telecom - Vimpelcom
Moscow, Russia
  • Development of business strategy, cost models, service offerings and products based in Moscow for the introduction of VoIP services including IP T1/E1 business trunk lines, hosted PABX (IP Centrex) services, value added network services and consumer VoIP services throughout the CIS.
  • Product strategy definition to leverage the largest WiFi hotspot network in the world (over 6,700 Nortel nodes) as last mile network access for broadband internet access and telephone service prior to WiMax service introduction.
  • Technical advice and project management for the purchase of an IP based Telco soft switch and integration with an existing Nortel DMS network infrastructure and billing systems.
Golden Telecom (NASDAQ-GLDN) had a market capitalisation of over $US4.4 billion, revenues of $US1.03 billion and 4,200 employees in 2006. This highly profitable carrier services over 143m people and 2.2m businesses. It is now the largest Telco in the Russian C.I.S operating one of the largest wireless and fibre networks in the world. It was delisted after acquisition by Vimpelcom (NYSE:VIP) in December 2007.

Harford CT, USA.
  • Development of restructure and business plans
  • Assistance with Telco and international carrier acquisitions
  • Marketing projects to develop a new brand, image and web site
  • Negotiation and development of private label calling cards for two major international car rental companies
  • Negotiating new international direct routes

Auckland, New Zealand and England
  • Product development of GPS vehicle location and monitoring software to be used by Navman for fleet management services in Europe
  • Advice on the development of a hospital management software product

Direct Partner Telecom
Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA
  • Securing direct voice traffic termination routes into African and Middle East countries.
  • Development of international expansion plan
  • Management of RFP process for new billing and back office systems
  • Project management of IT systems installation, billing system, dfatabase and back office applicatiions

LibertyOne Australia
Sydney, Australia

Management consulting assisting the CEO with the acquisition of assets and development of a business plan for the company to ultimately achieve public listing on the ASX.
  • Evaluation for development of an ATM based multimedia switch, the result of a 5 year research project by Telstra (Telecom Australia).
  • Evaluation of Internet and E Commerce opportunities with U.S. dot com companies that the company could form partnerships with for Asia Pacific expansion. Relationships included Excite@Home and digital rights management including Greg Norman.
  • Restructure of an acquired Australian Internet Service Provider
  • Investigation of the Australasian Telco market and formation of plans to establish a carrier division.
  • Analysis and due diligence of ISP's, web development companies and other investment opportunities.
LibertyOne successfully listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in December 1998 as the first major Australian Internet stock. It was the highest growth new listing of the year and had doubled its share price by January 1999.