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Fusion Consulting is a global consultancy specializing in the fusion of multimedia applications into a common data transport and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Services - Enterprise and Government

Data, voice and video are converging over a common backbone. IT Solution Companies, Telco's and equipment vendors all fight for the high ground proposing solutions based on their own product or service. The transport of real time data such as voice requires and appropriate network design, appropriate hardware and packet prioritization. Often fork lift upgrades are not required or economical and proposed solutions are not the best suited for the actual requirements..

Through independent analysis of a planned project, Fusion can advise on existing vendor proposals, other options, produce a specification and manage a Request For Proposal (RFP) process.

New technology enablers can change business processes and customer contract strategies. Improving efficiency, cost and customer satisfaction. Fusion can not only assist with the development of these strategies but also combine Call Center, presence, web site, VoIP, wireless and other applications..

No project is too small. Many clients use Fusion to audit their Telco bills, T1/E1 charges, wireless plans, roaming options, long distance calling and voice / data services to remote locations.