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Fusion Consulting is a global consultancy specializing in the fusion of multimedia applications into a common data transport and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Services - Start Up Telco's - Service Providers - ISP's - Cable Operators

With the maturing of VoIP services, acceptance of IP phones and the cost benefits to customers, the offering of IP voice services has become mandatory. For ISP's and Cable Operators, VoIP has enabled the offering of triple play and quad play services to match competitors, increase MRC (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and improve margins. There are hybrid TDM / VoIP, Soft switch and hosted options. Integration with the correct billing engine, hardware provisioning, OSS, administration, web site and network management application components has proven critical. We have known new entrants to have spend two years and over $US2m and still no operational service to take to market.

Fusion can assist with the analysis of the business model, audit of existing technology, budgeting, vendor selection, systems integration, project management and marketing.